Are Terpene Tinctures Full Spectrum?

Are Terpene Tinctures Full Spectrum?

With all the buzz going around about hemp extracts and CBD products in general it is no wonder why so many people are asking about full spectrum tinctures. The exact answers to questions like this might be a little hard to find because there are a lot of misunderstandings when it comes to the facts about CBD, hemp extracts, and terpenes in general. We are writing this article in hopes to shed a little bit of light on this topic that so many people are misinformed about.

What Does Full Spectrum Mean?

When you get the full spectrum of an object, you have everything that the object has within it. For example, if you inquire about the specifics of a topic in a class you want the full spectrum of that topic. Meaning, you want to know everything that there is about that topic. 

When it comes to hemp extracts and CBD products when you get the full spectrum of that product you receive everything that makes up the essence of that product.

THC, CBD, CBN, and CBG are all cannabinoids that are developed within the hemp plant. These are four cannabinoids out of over 100 that are there. On top of the hundred-plus cannabinoids that are found in the plant, there are a number of flavonoids and terpenes that make up the plant as well.

When you receive the full spectrum of the hemp plant you get all of the cannabinoids, the flavonoids, and the terpenes plus everything else that is extracted in one final product. A full-spectrum CBD product means that all of the cannabinoids and everything else, including THC are right there in the product.

Terpene Tinctures

The term “terpene tincture” can be an extremely broad topic. When people purchase essential oils they are getting an oil-based product that contains the elements of the plant that the essential oil was drawn out of, including all of the terpenes. It is possible to have a black pepper terpene tincture, or a lavender tincture, or whatever else kind of plant that can produce an essential oil.

When we speak of CBD terpene tinctures things get a little tricky. Since the full-spectrum hemp tincture can contain THC, the people that are against using THC at all are left with a dilemma. How do they get the benefits of terpenes and CBD without having to be exposed to THC? The answer is a broad-spectrum tincture.

Broad Spectrum Tinctures

Over the years developers have been able to maximize each and every extract to its fullest potential by using more advanced techniques. One of the cleanest ways to extract hemp oil is to use supercritical CO2 in order to pull the oil from the solid plant, capture it into a chamber, then harmlessly disperse the remnants of the CO2 away from the extract in order to leave a clean, safe hemp extract. There are various ways in the production of the hemp extract that will exclude the presence of THC from the extract. This is where a broad-spectrum extract comes into play. What’s left in the extract is a broad spectrum of the hemp plant that does not include any traces of THC at all. Broad-spectrum tinctures can have all of the terpenes, flavonoids, and the rest of the cannabinoids, but’ll be THC-free.


As for a full-spectrum terpene tincture, the correct terminology would be a full-spectrum hemp extract, unless, it is a tincture that has something other than hemp involved. Outside of the hemp industry, full-spectrum and broad-spectrum will have different meanings for people. In the instance of hemp, however, the full-spectrum means that there is THC in the product.