Is Prolotherapy The Best Treatment For Unresolved Back Pain?

The problem of back pain has become one of the serious issues for many of the people nowadays. As the fast life of the modern generation people are been very busy with their daily life and ignore such pains by taking pain killers. According to the prolotherapy specialists of Regenera prolotherapy clinic it is known that back pains are caused due to structural stress in the body.


There are many treatments for curing the back pain but prolotherapy would be best for the people who are suffering the back pains from a long period of time. Not only have the back pains had it also benefited for any type of pain in the human body structure. Prolotherapy clinic in Mississauga offers the best treatment for those who had tried every therapy to get rid of the back pain. Also who are suffering from sciatica, sacroiliac joint dysfunction can cure their problem by prolotherapy.

The damage occurs in the ligaments that support the joints are the major reason to cause the joint pains. Generally ligaments support the spinal joints and often grow weak which results of getting pain and abnormal range of motion in the joints. When the ligaments get injured then it takes time to heal and the joints become weak as they receive very low blood supply. People who get pain in the spine, a hyper mobile joint which leads to disc herniation and causes back pain should prefer the prolotherapy treatment Mississauga to get rid of the problem.

Moreover the ligament damage is caused by the other phenomena like sciatica or disc problems which is overlooked and ignored by the people. They start using the pain killers for the back pain and also fail to heal the pain through that. Prolotherapy is the best therapy for such problems and also patients who are suffering severe back pain are recommended to visit the Prolotherapy clinic in Mississauga.

Generally people try to avoid the inflammation but its harmful if the pain increases due to the swelling of the injured part. Moreover the response of the inflammation is the part of the immune system. Its major goals are:

1) To block the perceived threats off from other parts of the body and

2) To facilitate the heal in the injured area.

Inflammation requires the raise in the blood flow to the normal muscular areas when it comes to the ligaments and tendons. The blood helps to supply the nutrients and oxygen to rebuild damaged tissue. The “prolo” in prolotherapy stands for the proliferation of new connective tissue.

The anesthetic prolotherapy treatment Mississauga makes the injection relatively without any pain. Due to the treatment of prolotherapy the inflammation caused can be a bit discomfort for the patients but it is generally controlled and does not last for a long span of time.

As per the study patients require 3 to 10 sessions to build enough tissue to restore ligament and tendon strength. But it’s proved that the treatment of prolotherapy for the people who are suffering from the back pain is beneficial. However there is much substantial experiential evidence to support the prolotherapy treatment’s benefits.