4 New Blue Light Glasses That Became an Overnight Sensation in Australia

Did you know that back-lit screens on your mobile or tablets or laptops can be causing damage to your eyes? Did you know that these little and costly gadgets emit blue light of high energy that may cause little to significant damage to your eyes and mental health? However, some remedy has been evolving around the corner for quite some time. Vision Direct, a leading eyewear enterprise with footprints in all over the globe, has been successful in limiting the issue of blue lights with their radical and inspiring zFORTTM technology.

If you do not know the facts then no issue, however, Australians are in awe of their new blue light glasses that are effectively minimizing the risk of blue lights emitting out of digital devices mentioned above.

What other Things May Blue Light Emission do?

Mild dosage of blue lights offer increased alertness and relaxes your mood. It also maintains the cycle of the wake up to sleep state. Unusual dreams have little to no relation with blue lights but severe exposure to a computer screen may cause nightmarish dreams as the blue light after entering the eyes remain projected inside.

Are Blue Lights so Dangerous?

Due to limited research and studies, the issue remains a hotly contentious one. But several experts have indicated that blue light emission if exposed to a longer duration for a regular interval, can cause minor to major problems in the eyes. The infamous Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS or simple Digital Eye Strain is closely associated with blue light.

What symptoms or Harms are Associated with the Blue Lights?

People from several industries, who had to work for a long duration in front of computers, have raised the issue with limited success. They have frequented that issues like headaches, irritation, and sleeplessness have troubled them for a long time before getting limited success from blue light blocking glasses.

On the other hand, blue light may also raise fears of eye cancer and disfigurement of the cornea with excessive exposure to blue lights. Neck and back pain with depression are also usually related to blue light radiation.

Some folks in Australia went bonkers with their new set of blue light blocking glasses and purchased more for their friends and relatives. Some say, their new glasses from Vision Direct were both stunning in design and effective with better sleep and reduced headaches.

What is zFORTTM Blue Light Blocking Glasses that are making huge clamour in Australia?

zFORTTM is a highly effective mechanism to fight the problem of blue light and its blocking skill have eliminated blue light with wavelengths ranging from 380nm to 500 nm. They usually carry high energy waves. The zFORT™ technology provides a ‘fort-like’ protection to the eye, that’s why the witty name.

Light waves or high-intensity energy of that scale scatters upon entering the retina and can be injurious to the eyes, which have no ability to block the natural blue light that comes out of the sun. Although you can’t stare at the sun for a long time, hence, its powerful blue light remains safe for your eyes.


Sl. No. Blue Light Glasses Specifications Sensation Rating
1 Arise Collective Quartz C7 G3002 Gender: Unisex

Year: 2019

Frame Colour: Pink

Frame Shape: Oval

Frame Style: Full Rim

Frame Material: Acetate

Lens Material: Customisable

2 Oakley OX8080 CROSSLINK ZERO Asian Fit 808001 Gender: Men

Year: 2016

Frame Colour: Satin Grey Smoke

Frame Shape: Rectangle

Frame Style: Full Rim

Frame Material: Plastic

Lens Material: Customisable

3 SmartBuy Collection Tempe Blue-Light Block Asian Fit 790C Gender: Unisex

Year: 2020

Frame Colour: Gold

Frame Shape: Pilot

Frame Style: Full Rim

Frame Material: Metal

Lens Material: Customisable

4 Prada PR 11RV TRIANGLE ROJ1O1 Gender: Women

Year: 2015

Frame Colour: Pink Havana

Frame Shape: Oval

Frame Style: Full Rim

Frame Material: Plastic

Lens Material: Customisable