Advantages of On-Site Mobile Hearing Testing Services

It is no secret that employees that are exposed to loud noises for long periods of time are at risk of hearing loss. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires all businesses with workers exposed to noises of 85 decibels or higher for a time-weighted average of 8 hours, to establish a hearing conversation program. This program is designed to help to guard employees against work-related hearing loss and other hearing-related health issues. Since hearing testing is mandated in order to stay compliant with the regulations, mobile hearing testing solutions are in high demand. There are many advantages to having a mobile testing service come to your worksite.

Mobile Testing Technicians Come To You

Most businesses in the contiguous 48 states can receive mobile hearing testing with a partner who has a national fleet of testing vehicles. A mobile unit can come to your workplace and test all your exposed employees, reducing the need for offsite clinic visits. Onsite testing is much simpler and efficient, since everything is brought directly to your job site.

The benefits of having a team of professionals that comes to you:

  • cuts down on the productivity disruption of offsite clinic visits
  • often less expensive than clinics on a per-employee basis
  • reduces complex scheduling efforts
  • companies with multiple locations receive consistent protocols and a single data storage solution

No Major Disruption of Work

Since your mobile partner has a specialized mobile unit fully equipped with the essential hearing testing equipment and staff, your workers will not have to leave the premises to get their annual hearing test. Your employees stay onsite and can get back to work within an hour, keeping your production timelines on schedule and creating substantial savings in time loss.

Immediate Evaluation

Most mobile testing companies leave the site contact with a comprehensive report that details everything you need to satisfy your hearing conservation program requirements. There is no need to worry about aggregating information from various clinics.

Have Your Needs Met On-Site

The mobile test units will be fully equipped with everything that you need in order to stay compliant with the OSHA Standard on Occupational Noise Exposure. The appropriate hearing testing will be done in accordance with the requirements of OSHA 1910.95. Additionally, the technician or health specialist can provide all the required training needs. Lastly, counseling on test results is available, as well as demonstration of the correct way to wear hearing protection where the technician will teach employees how to ensure proper fit.

Specialists Trained in OSHA’s Compliance Laws

Since the mobile hearing testing partner will be comprised of a team specializing in OSHA compliance, your business will be in good hands. Onsite technicians are specially trained to understand the occupational testing needs to satisfy OSHA requirements. Look for a partner that has in-house certified audiologists who guide the program and offer post-testing consultations.

Mobile Hearing Testing Services are Valuable

Besides the obvious ease of proximity for an onsite test, mobile partners bring a host of other benefits such as, professional insights, accurate information, and data storage. Since testing is required per federal regulation, you might as well have it done on your own terms. Let the testing come to you and have a turnkey partner bring you peace of mind.

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