Chlamydia Test at a STD Clinic

Chlamydia testing is important for people who are sexually active or who may be pregnant. These tests can help identify whether or not you have an infection and help you decide if you need medical treatment. Chlamydia testing is performed most often on women between the ages of twelve and forty-four. However, men can also get this infection if they are sexually active with multiple partners.

Newer tests, known as NAATs (nucleic acid Amplification Technologies), are easy to take and extremely accurate. Your health care provider will explain what other testing options are available (urea or urinalysis, for instance). If you reside in Alaska, Maryland or Washington, D.C. you can receive a free home test with a saliva sample. A DNA test detects the presence of the chlamydia trachomatis bacteria. Once this is confirmed, your doctor will be able to provide you with specific treatment options.

If you are sexually active and you test positive for chlamydia, it is important to make sure that you are treated immediately. This infection is much more common among people who are sexually active and those who are not aware of their infection. If you are an active participant in multiple sexual partners, it is very likely that you will develop this infection. If you are not already treated, you should consider getting a chlamydia test now to determine if you are already infected or not.

Chlamydia testing is recommended for everyone who is sexually active. This is the only way to ensure that you do not develop an infection. Most people do not practice safe sex, which means that they have not received a required testing or counseling. The only way to determine if you are infected or not is to go to the doctor and get tested. There are many different types of Chlamydia testing at STD clinics.

Some testing for Chlamydia requires a urine swab for DNA analysis. You may also be required to undergo another type of exam called a pelvic exam to detect possible infections in the genital area. Depending on the Chlamydia testing you undergo, you will be treated with medicine to relieve your symptoms and prevent them from coming back. The medicine will help reduce your symptoms and allow you to go about your daily life. Your doctor will give you specific instructions for taking the medication.

Chlamydia testing at an STD clinic can help you get the treatment you need and start getting better. Once you receive a positive result or have been diagnosed with Chlamydia, you should immediately continue to receive treatment so you do not become re-infected. If your symptoms are recurring or are worse than ever, you should consult with a physician immediately to receive more effective treatment. More info here.