Don’t Have Dental Insurance? Consider Affordable Dental Discount Plans NJ

Are you holding off getting dental care due to your tight budget? You’re not alone. According to a recent study, over the last few years, the cost of dental care has risen by almost twice the rate of inflation. Despite the high cost of dental care and the adverse consequences of forgoing dental treatment, 40 percent of Americans don’t purchase dental insurance. If you lack dental insurance and you’re wondering how you can get dental care right now, affordable dental discount plans NJ may be your best option. Dental discount plans NJ are affordable, they are activated immediately, and you get to choose your own dentist from a large network of dentists.

5 Options for Low-cost Dental Care

Dental School Clinics

These clinics can be a good option for you if you need extensive dental procedures. Dental students should acquire experience through on-the-job training before they can acquire their license. Although the dental procedures won’t be free of charge, they are more affordable than visiting a licensed dental care provider. However, you will most likely spend more time receiving the dental care procedure as students work under the supervision of licensed dentists who carefully check their work. This means spending plenty of time with each student and the patient. Additionally, you may have to make several follow-up trips to the dental school clinic to complete your treatment.

Medical Studies

Some educational institutions and organizations conduct research on specific dental conditions and the best treatment methods. For instance, there are clinical trials developed to test new drugs and for researchers to evaluate the drugs, they need volunteers. To get affordable dental care, consider joining a medical study and receive free dental care services such as wisdom teeth extraction or cleanings. However, you should only consider a medical study relevant to the nature of dental care you need.

Dental Tourism

You can choose to travel to other countries to receive affordable dental care, especially if you need very expensive dental procedures such as dental implants. Unfortunately, dental treatment overseas can be complicated. Apart from arranging travel documents, you will also have to consider the standards of care that are offered abroad. Ensure that you consult with a dental care provider in the U.S. and decide whether traveling overseas to receive dental treatment is the best option.


Advancement in technology has given rise to teledentistry. Because pain and how much treatment is going to cost are the two of your main concerns, you can connect with a teledentist via a video chat and get a comprehensive evaluation that can help address some of these concerns. The teledentist will then determine whether you need a prescription for pain and antibiotics in case you have an infection. The prescription is sent electronically to your nearest pharmacy. However, you will still need face-to-face follow-up from a professional dental care provider.

Affordable Dental Discount Plans NJ

Also commonly referred to as dental discount plans, dental discount plans NJ are an affordable option for dental insurance. These plans are a good option especially if you need dental treatment as soon as possible. The main downside to free or low cost affordable dental care options is that you will often have to wait for a long time before you can see a dental care provider. Unlike other options where you’re assigned to a dentist, dental discount plans NJ allows you to choose an accredited dentist near you. If you don’t have dental insurance, consider affordable dental discount plans NJ such as DentalSave. With DentalSave, you can save between 20 to 50 percent on different dental treatments.