How Are Erectile Dysfunction And Premature EjaculationRelated

There are 2 sexual dysfunctions commonly known for men whichimpact significantly:

Erectile Dysfunction

This dysfunction concerns with the inability of a man in order to achieve a penetrable erection. The most common causes are blood pressure, heart disease, age, diabetes and some forms of treatment and medication. Depending on the patient’s health and their specific needs if the disease is properly and timely diagnosedcan be treated with certain medications.

Premature Ejaculation

It is the inability of men to control his ejaculatory response in almost all vaginal penetrations. A broad definition of PE is that both partners agree that one partner is too early release. While medications can bring a certain relief to PE, the condition can be largely overcome by therapy and exercises. In several cases, it has been found that premature ejaculation occurs when the man has been diagnosed with acute and mild forms of erectile dysfunction.

Involving the above two, premature ejaculation is much more common condition affecting younger and older men. It has been found that the incidence of these diseases is evenly distributed among all socioeconomic groups and may affect men of all ages. According to the recent surveys, more than 40% men suffer from EP significantly and also the erectile dysfunction is more commonly associated with older age and can be caused by physical conditions such as:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney disease
  • Certain medications

Many significant advances in procedures and treatment options have improved the prospects of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction in recent decades. However, the number of men actively seeking impotence treatment is still very low.Even today, many misunderstandings are associated with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, mainly because these two sexual dysfunctions can occur sometimes simultaneously.

AreErectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation Linked With Each Other?

Since most men who have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction as the main problem, the secondary concern in most cases is PE, it is often assumed that both are mutually inclusive. In addition, because of reducing or preventing essential for a penetrable erection in the bloodstream of the genitals is one of the main reasons for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, the logic of “a cause, a problem” applies.

Understand Your Erection Problem

After ejaculation, the loss of an erection is a normal phenomenon. In cases where premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are noted, it is always advisable to seek treatment for erectile dysfunction first. Many men treated for erectile dysfunction have found that their PE has been corrected or relatively toned down. Many men do not understand this concept well, which might make them think they have erectile dysfunction, while the real problem is premature ejaculation. The confusion of the man when he explains his condition to a medical expert and the inability of the attending physician to carefully examine the conditions and symptoms, as well as the health history, can lead to erroneous diagnoses.

Psychological Trauma of Sexual Disability

The psychological trauma associated with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction can also help worsen the situation. Fear of premature ejaculation is an important factor for men to lose their erection too early or not to get a penetrable erection at all. In these cases, the development of symptoms of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation may occur at the same time. Many men with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction constantly struggle with feelings of inadequacy and rejection. The feeling that you cannot behave sexually and that you cannot satisfy your partner is a mental disadvantage. In such situations, men with premature ejaculation develop erectile dysfunction for some time as a secondary problem and vice versa.