Five Health Tips Every Wheelchair User Should Know

Five Health Tips Every Wheelchair User Should Know

All health tips listed here will be of use or applicable to anyone, not just people who are confined to a wheelchair.

It’s probably best that you try to adhere to as much of the advice in this article as possible, since being confined to a wheelchair also come with its set of health issues.


A lot of people do not take good care of their bodies or their diets. Diseases like cancer and diabetes are spreading like wildfire at an alarming rate and are increasing with every passing generation. Therefore, now more than ever is a good time to start taking care of what you put in your body.

The world is strewn with different diet plans and there is not one that fits the requirements of all people. Thus, it is important that you experiment with what works best for you. Also make sure that you stay abreast of the changes and the happenings in the world of healthy foods.


It is not a secret that exercise is a foundational pillar when it comes to creating a healthy lifestyle. Though exercise is good for your heart and your cardiovascular system, it also plays a huge role in mental health, and to combat depression and anxiety. Though everyone has different physical abilities, I am sure that everyone can find a sport to partake in that will suit their abilities.


Stretching is extremely beneficial for your muscles, joints and for your internal organs. As a wheelchair user, you are subjecting your body to a fixed position for hours on end. Although there is probably not much that can be done about it, it is not beneficial for your body at all.

Stretches can help immensely, as it can relieve some of the stress and strains that you are subjecting your body to, especially when you cannot stand upright by yourself. Stretching is also beneficial if you have to manually propel a wheelchair.

Your joints and muscles can develop pain and other complications, due to the fact that you have to constantly push the wheelchair, therefore stretching is quite useful before you start each day.

Avoid Pressure Sores

Pressure sores are not very comfortable. In fact, they can be a huge source of discomfort, leaving you out of action or bed-ridden for months. What is worse is that they can become life threatening if an infection sets in.

In order to help minimize the effects of bed sores, try to move your seating position as frequently as possible. If moving yourself is hard to do, try to seek assistance, in order to move at least once every hour. This is in order to minimize pressure on some areas of the body.

Something else that helps tremendously in alleviating the pressure, is a pressure relieving air cushion. This air cushion is very comfortable and will help to prevent those bed sores.

Take Fluids

Increase the fluids that you take in as this can help with brain function and with your health in general. Try to switch from fizzy drinks to water. Water in general increases health benefits and can also contribute to weight loss.

Not only is water essential for weight loss but it can also help in times of illness. Drinking copious amounts of water when suffering from some form of virus or infection can speed up recovery.

Hopefully this has been helpful in making life in a wheelchair more tolerable.