Hospital Bed Types

Hospital Beds are used as Hospital Beds in homes and living areas. In some cases, is a bed taken for the patient? Is it possible to buy a second hand Hospital Bed? We see that such questions are quite a lot. Experts do not see any harm in buying the Hospital Bed second hand. But he also states that his mechanism should work well.

Proper cleaning of the second hand bed is an important factor in creating a hygienic environment. If the patient lies in a bed with disinfectant, it means that viruses are not found in that environment. Patients have a low immune system. In a patient with low body resistance, there are situations such as fatigue, sleeping too much, and not being able to breathe. When buying a second hand bed and Hospital Bed, attention should be paid to their cleanliness.

Hospital Bed Models

Hospital bed models have variable features according to the health status of the patient. The Hospital Bed should be selected according to the health condition of the patient. For this reason, experts underline that the choice of mattress according to the type of the patient is important. Because the healing process is faster. Most importantly, he will be treated in a peaceful environment. Patient  bed (hasta yatağı) models are variable. Hospital bed models are as follows.

  • 2 motorized Hospital Bed model: It is a bed that allows the head, body and foot of the patient to be raised and lowered.
  • 3 motorized Hospital Bed model: It has the features of the 2 motorized Hospital Bed. The only important difference is the up and down elevator mobility. The caregiver looks at the patient more easily thanks to this feature.
  • 4 motorized Hospital Bed model: The most distinctive feature of the 4 motorized Hospital Bed is its “Trendelenburg” mobility. Patients in intensive care use this bed

Hospital Bed Prices

Hospital bed prices vary according to the functional feature of the hospital bed. Especially 4 motorized Hospital Beds are more expensive than 2 motorized hospital beds. Because it is more comprehensive in terms of features. Hospital bed prices vary between rental and sale. Most importantly, the price can be expensive in this period when everything is expensive in our daily life. But our company is very careful about this issue. The Hospital Bed used in homes can be designed in accordance with the furniture. In this case, it may cause the price range to increase. Hospital bed prices are very affordable in our company.

Why should the Hospital Bed be used?

Patients can survive slightly ill and bedridden. This is especially important in elderly and paralyzed patients. Such patients need careful care. Such patients should be perceived as a newborn baby. Their maintenance should be done well. Experts say that the recovery rate of patients using sickbeds is quite high. Hasta yatağı kiralama

The rate of the number of patients using sick beds in homes in our country is 30%. It is possible to say that this rate is increasing day by day. The main purpose of using the Hospital Bed is to provide a more comfortable living space for the patient and to increase the recovery rate of the patient. Thanks to the features of the Hospital Bed used at homes, the formation of wounds in the patient’s back area is avoided. By using a hospital bed, you can ensure that the patient creates a 100% peaceful environment.

You Can Get the Hospital Bed From our Company

We are a large company that has been serving for many years in Hospital Beds. Our company, which has rented and sold thousands of Hospital Beds so far, is serving professionally. If you contact our company, our company representative will call you. It receives the patient’s disease degree information. This direction also offers you the Hospital Bed option. Gives information about the Hospital Bed and mentions its features.

From the moment the Hospital Bed is rented or sold, our service comes to your location. The patient sets up his bed. You will be told how to use the hospital bed. It is very important to take care of the easily used Hospital Beds. Care of the Hospital Bed is important for both the patient and the caregiver, especially when paralyzed patients use the Hospital Bed for many years. You can rent or buy the Hospital Bed from our company: