How To Face ED Problem In Mommy’s Husband

Be it mommy’s husband or sister’s husband, Erectile Dysfunction does not overlook anyone. It affects every man of every nationality, religion, and creed equally. The whole male population is terrified by the consequences which an ED patient has to bear.

Not only the sexual life but even the personal life of men are encroached and ruined leading to depression and isolation. This is the reason most of the ED patients after a point in time become regular patients of psychiatrists. It takes a heavy toll on men through which they find difficult to cross.

Apart from eating pills like Fildena, Cenforce, and Vidalistafrom, several other safety measures need to be taken to eradicate ED permanently.

What Changes Occur During Ed In The Body?

Before we get to the solutions of ED, first we must understand the how of Erectile Dysfunction.

When a man gets aroused or stimulated, a huge flow of blood takes place directed towards the penis. This flow of blood makes the penis hard and erect which is required for an enjoyable sexual experience.

But in cases of ED, the situation is a little different the man gets excited but his penis does not become erect. Due to some reasons which we shall discuss in the next part of the article the blood finds it difficult to enter the blood vessels of the penis. This causes the penis to not get erect despite his mind is excited and aroused.

To overcome these, people consume pills like Fildena 100 Online, Cenforce, and Vidalista from By reading one has understood that in ED the main problem is poor blood circulation. For any drug which promises to eradicate ED, it must do only one work i.e., to remove every obstacle from the path of blood reaching the penis. So, this is the reason the working mechanism of almost all ED drugs are the same because the work which they have to do is the same.

What Reasons Lead To Ed?

Well, to get diagnosed with ED there are not one but multiple reasons and any one of them is good enough to make you an ED patient.


The first and foremost reason in the list is smoking, one of the most life-threatening addictions that take lives in millions every year. But despite this fact, people still smoke thinking that it makes them look cool and badass.

Apart from breathing problems smoking also enters your sexual life indirectly. When you smoke, hazardous pollutants like carbon monoxide (CO) enters our body and the bloodstream. This extracts oxygen from the blood which is required by organs of the body to function.

Hence, the organs including the penis get deprived of oxygen and blood which results in them working in less than their full potential. So, when someone is sexually stimulated the blood is unable to flow into the penis due to a poor supply of blood resulting in no erection. Or even if the erection takes place, it does not last till the sexual intercourse.

Alcohol Consumption

With alcohol, the nature of duality comes hand in hand with it. It is not as hazardous as smoking with looked at with precision. When someone consumes alcohol in average quantities, it is helpful for the body.

The blood pressure is lowered, stress levels are reduced and the overall activity in the nervous system is reduced thus, making the mind calm and relaxed. But the problem arises when the levels of alcohol in the body go beyond the normal levels. The nervous system is the first thing attacked in such cases.

The brain starts losing control over its organs which leads to terrible consequences. Important secretions are halted, blood circulation is disturbed, this is the reason you may have seen a drunk person walking aimlessly.

Hence, when stimulation occurs it becomes very difficult for the blood to travel into the penis because the coordination between the brain and organs is disturbed.

Regular Consumption Of Fast Foods

Another reason for ED is your food habit. Food is the fuel that our body needs it determines how efficiently our body will function.

The current generation likes to more junk food rather than home-cooked food. And this is also the reason that now even young men and college-going students are becoming ED patients. Earlier it was most common in old age people which was to the extent natural.

Obesity and diabetes mellitus are some of the disorders caused due to fast food intake inconsistency. And both of them are responsible for causing ED.


Fildena 100 Online, Cenforce, and Vidalista from give your relief from ED, but for one night only.

For a permanent solution, one has to give up addictions, junk foods, and limit alcohol usage. Doing yoga and meditation should be compulsory besides the medical treatment of ED.