Important Things to Know When Shopping for Cannabis Edibles

Nowadays, it’s easier to get your favorite cannabis edibles from marijuana dispensaries. However, pot has different effects on the body, and how you use it determines your experience. Most users have reported a potent psychological effect with THC edibles, and it’s critical to choose the doses rightly.

Here’s what you need to know when buying& using marijuana edibles:

Know How They Work

Before buying any THC edible, learn about the product and understand how it works. This way, you will know what to expect and will be more comfortable using the product. For instance, there’s a difference between inhaling and eating weed. With edibles, you take longer to experience the effects. However, some people keep on ingesting more before experience the first effect, which is risky.

Understand the Dosages

Just like with other weed products, the dosage is critical. Edibles are potent, and taking the wrong dosages can result in adverse effects. Still, the amount of THC determines the amount of high that you get.

You’ll get most cannabis edibles from 1mg to 100 mg of THC, which can be confusing when choosing the right amounts. Check out a guide on how much you should consume;

  • 1-3 mg- Mild experience and minimal tolerance
  • 5-15mg- Strong experience and minimal tolerance
  • 2-7 mg-Mid experience and some tolerance
  • 10-20 mg- Strong experience and some tolerance
  • 15-30mg- High tolerance and strong experience

It’s worth noting that there’s a variation in e levels of tolerance. If you haven’t consumed edibles for long, or are a beginner, take it slow. Start with lower doses, about 5mg is enough to proffer the desired high if you have a low tolerance.

Avoid Full Doses if You’re a Novice.

The temptation with edibles is irresistible, and it’s easy to overdose. Start with small doses, no matter how well you believe you can handle the products. If you’re not a regular consumer, a whole cookie or brownie may be too much for you! If unsure of the proper dosage, speak to the budtender at the cannabis dispensary, and they will help you make the right choices.

Consume When Full

Don’t take edibles when hungry; this can lead to overconsumption and overdosage. Take it after a meal or as a dessert; you may also need to take another meal later on. The effects of edibles are delayed, but you can use them for pain relief, relaxation and anxiety relief, the same way you would with CBD Oil.

Avoid Alcohol-Don’t Mix the Two.

Alcohol and cannabis don’t work well, and weed edibles are not an exception. If planning to consume cannabis edibles, keep off alcohol completely that day. It can lead to unpleasant effects. Also, it won’t be easy to distinguish the effects of both products.

Know How to Deal with Overconsumption

It’s common to make mistakes when you’re a beginner. Have a plan on how to handle over consumption to avoid adverse THC effects. Always have CBD-only edibles; they can help combat the adverse side effects of high THC doses.


With cannabis edibles, your choices are limitless. You can choose from cookies, gummies, chocolate, baked goods and more. To avoid undesirable effects, know the proper dosages and avoid overconsumption. Also, take edibles on a full stomach and experience the desired high when you need it most.