Individual Health Insurance Policy and Its Benefits

With the changing lifestyles and increasing pollution, the health risks are also increasing with each passing day. This can bring various health-related issues that require proper treatment and can put a lot of burden on your pocket. To cope up with this, private as well as government companies provide several options for the health insurance of an individual. Care individual health policy offered by Care Insurance checks all the boxes correctly when it comes to being a good health insurance policy.

Benefits of Health Insurance:

There are various benefits of an insurance plan which makes it a need for a person.

Hospitalization Expenses:All the insurance companies have a large number of hospital networks where the person insured under them can get their treatment done. The health insurance company will bear all the expenses of your treatment including bedding, ambulance charges, etc. All the expenses claimed are cashlessly depending upon the policy which you have opted for.

Tax Benefits:The insured person can claim tax benefits under Section 80D of income tax. An average aged person can receive tax benefits of up to 25,000 rupees. The amount increases for up to 50,000 rupees for senior (above 60 years) and super senior citizens (above 80 years).

Medical Expenses:One of the major reasons for the costly treatment of today are expensive medicines which are getting costlier day by day. The more the days of treatment, the more will be the bills on medicines. This will leave a large dent in wealth and savings. The health insurance also covers your medical expenses so that you and your family can focus on recovery instead of worrying about the medical bills.

Critical illness coverage:The insurance provider provides coverage against various critical illnesses such as heart diseases, stroke, cancer, etc. While opting for critical illness insurance the policyholder is required to survive for a fixed number of days which is referred to as the survival period. After this period, you can decide in the hospital in which you want to take your treatment from the number of hospital chains under the insurance company. The treatment cost can either be cashless or is reimbursed after the treatment.

Did you know that health insurance covers up to 30 critical illnesses and numerous surgical procedures? These procedures cost a lot of money and can eat a huge chunk from your wealth and savings. As the cost of treatment is increasing day by day, especially in private hospitals, it is obvious that you might not be able to get treated properly only with the help of your savings. Because of this, many people have lost their loved ones.

This is why taking health insurance in this fast-changing life is always considered a good move. Care Insurance provides you with various benefits of treatment in case of any critical illness or any health-related issues. With the help of health insurance, an individual can plan his/her future without worrying about their savings in case of any medical emergency.