What are Dentures?

Tooth is one thing that none of us take for granted once it starts to hurt. We never are reminded about how helpful it is during our daily lives. Most of us would not care to better their wellbeing until it is too late. And therefore, often we see people suffering from misfortune regarding teeth. Toothache and other problems occur to several people and sometimes we even have to remove a damaged tooth. With old age, this problem increases and almost all of us have come across people having dentures or false teeth. They have been discovered a long time back. We can find evidences of dentures being used by people as a replacement of natural tooth since centuries. They can be taken out of your mouth and replaced as necessary. You can get your dentures applied at this dental office.

Modern science has helped a lot in terms of progress and advancements in every aspect of medical science including dentistry. The procedure of dentures has developed a lot too. Initially dentures were not very comfortable and needed some getting used to without any hiccups. Nowadays the technology has developed so much that it is as simple as having normal tooth only. The dentures come in two forms, the full denture and the partial denture. It depends on your dentist to decide which type of denture is the right option for you. The dentist decides by finding out the exact number of teeth to be replaced.

The full dentures consist of an acrylic base that fits on your gum. It is flesh coloured so people will not readily identify that you have dentures. The base of the upper denture is supported on your palate and the lower denture is horse shoe shaped to allow free tongue movement. These dentures are made in laboratories modeled on the insides of your mouth.

There are different types of dentures and you can count on the expertise of the dentists to get you the perfect piece. There is the conventional full denture which will be placed in your mouth after your oral treatment has been completed and all the damaged tissues are healed after removal of your teeth. Then there is the immediate full denture. Just after the removal of your teeth, when the tissues are not healed properly, you need protection and teeth to chew food or converse properly. Therefore the dentist gives you this pair of dentures. However they do not last long enough.

The jaw bones realign when the tissues are healing, therefore the dentures become loose. The dentist needs to put in a final set of dentures to keep things perfect. The third kind of denture is the partial denture. When not all your teeth need to be removed, the doctor removes the few necessary ones and installs the partial denture. This has a metal framework and often crowns are placed which anchor the dentures properly. They can also be removed and fitted with bridges.