4 Advantages of Vaping Pot Instead of Smoking It

Have you been smoking marijuana in order to manage a chronic condition, deal with side effects from medical treatments, or ease symptoms of depression, anxiety, or stress? As a medicinal marijuana user, the last thing that you want is for the medicine that you take to be detrimental to your overall health. That’s why so many medicinal users today are switching from smoking to using marijuana vaporizers.

But just what are the benefits of making the switch from smoking to using an herbal vaporizer pen or one of the other types of weed vaporizers on the market today? Well, here are four advantages that vaping has over smoking.

1. Vaping Means Much less Exposure to Toxins

While there are debates over whether or not smoking marijuana is as dangerous as smoking cigarettes, it is clear that smoking weed exposes the body to at least some toxins. Research has established that there are a minimum of six potentially harmful substances in cannabis smoke and that only 12 percent of what you’re inhaling when you smoke is actually the active medicinal compounds in cannabis. Vapor given off by a vaporizer pen or other type of vape is known to harbor just one toxin, and 95 percent of its content is medicinal compounds, including THC and CBN. In short, vaping weed means you’re inhaling fewer toxins with every draw. To read more, click here.

2. And Less Irritant Exposure, Too.

Along with toxins, the 111 other substances besides medicinal compounds found in smoke include a number of potential irritants. That’s why so many people who smoke weed end up developing respiratory symptoms like coughing, shortness of breath, and wheezing. Since vapor dramatically reduces the number of irritants you inhale, you’re much less likely to experience these side effects when you use pot vaporizers.

3. Vaping Helps the Lungs Heal.

After years of smoking marijuana, the lungs can become chronically inflamed, leaving users plagued by persistent respiratory symptoms. Studies have shown that people who give up smoking in favor of using weed vaporizers actually experience improvements in lung function and health. Vaping gives the body the ability to heal previous damage, which can mean a reduction in chronic symptoms.

4. Vaping Gives You Faster Relief.

When you choose to use a vaporizer pen or another type of vaporizer, you can begin to feel the effects of medicinal marijuana far more quickly. Remember, when you inhale smoke, you’re only drawing in a small fraction of the amount of THC and CNB that you get when you draw from weed vaporizers. The higher concentration of medicinal compounds in vapor often makes it possible to use less weed for each session without experiencing a reduction in benefits.

Reference: Bustle.com