Better Knowledge for Removing Warts

Taking care of your skin requires all your attention since the skin is the most sensitive part of your body. The skin serves as the covering of human and protecting you from external harm. But what happens when your skin becomes damaged even with just a single scratch? It is really a hassle for you and a chance for warts to develop.

What Causes the Appearance of Warts?

Warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), a virus which attacks even the scratch on your skin. Having warts reduces someone confidence and people will tend to avoid them since it is contagious and can be transferred through direct skin contact.

There are many types of warts that may occur on your skin or even your whole body.

  • Common – usually appears on your hands and toes with a rough and grainy appearance
  • Plantar – appears on the soles of the feet which is a type of wart making you feel too much pain
  • Flat – usually grows on the arms, thighs, or face which appears to be small with slightly yellow, brownish, or pink color
  • Filiform – grows around your nose or mouth and sometimes under your chin or your neck. This has the same color as your skin
  • Periungual – grows around or under fingernails and toenails which can be painful and affects the growth of nails
  • Genital – appears in or on the surrounding of your genital area. If not treated will lead to cervical cancer

Removing Warts

There are tips to remove warts on how to remove warts even if you are at home or with the assistance of your doctor. One common medication for warts is the salicylic acid which is applied directly to the affected area which works by softening the skin by the moisture it provides.

Cryotherapy is also a way to remove warts but is applied or done after the wart was removed from your skin. Wartrol wart remover can be bought in pharmacies and will also help you in removing your warts. It also contains salicylic acid aiding the on warts removal quick and easy.

Cantharidine is also a treatment for warts. This is a toxic chemical compound secreted from many species of Spanish fly or blister beetle in nature. Using this will not leave any scar and maintains your clean skin. One thing as well to have once you have warts is a surgery. You can go and seek assistance from the nearest doctor if you think or you are sure if you have existing warts.