How Do My New False Teeth Function?

If you have missing teeth, there is no need to be worried about it. Thanks to improvements in dentistry, there are various methods to replace it. Among these different cosmetic dental treatments, the most common and widely used one is the dental implant. This is a way to replace a lost tooth with a screw metal placed in the jawbone to act instead of the tooth root. When it comes to dental implants, an issue that occupies patients’ minds is permanent teeth implants cost. Many people believe that it is a costly treatment and, as a result, look for other ways to replace their lost teeth. But, in fact, if you have enough information about the positive points of this cosmetic dental treatment, you will definitely change your mind about the idea that this is an expensive process.

When you want to have NEW FALSE teeth, you may mainly think about their function and appearance. Those who have had dental implant surgery can undoubtedly claim that this is the best method of having false teeth. There is no difference between it and a natural tooth, especially about its appearance and function.

If you are not sure about its lifetime, it can be said that this is one of the most durable cosmetic dental treatments, and when it is maintained correctly, it can last event for a lifelong.

Being worried about taking care of an implanted tooth is nonsense since it is as easy as a real tooth. You should brush and floss your implanted tooth as much as your natural ones. Even the way of brushing and flossing is the same. But, you should be careful not to brush it too much or too hard.

“Can I have dental implants?” is one of the most frequently asked questions by patients who suffer from missing teeth. Generally, there is no constraint for having dental implants. There are just some considerations that your dentist will definitely speak about them before going through this cosmetic dental process. One of them is having healthy, strong gum. If you’re one of those who care about their oral hygiene as much as possible, there is no problem with going through dental implant surgery.


Your oral health will be examined carefully, and if there is any problem such as dental cavities, infection, or gum disease, it will definitely be treated at the early stages.

But if you do not have a strong jawbone or are not old enough, the dental hygienist will not suggest this cosmetic dental for you and will instead consider the other replacement methods for your missing teeth.

The final but the most important tip about having an implanted tooth is making regular appointments with your dental specialist. It is one of the essential tips. In other words, you should not ignore your teeth’ conditions. No matter if they are natural ones or implanted ones. But, an implanted tooth is a little more sensitive. When you visit a dentist to check up on your dental status, any possible problems will be diagnosed and treated at early stages so you will never face a complicated issue.