Reasons To Get An Adjustable Bed

Whether you are living in your own home with carers attending you, or if you are in a Care home being looked after- an adjustable bed  can make your life so much better. Likewise, should you not have issues which mean that you must be looked after, adjustable beds can still be a very big help.

The Mobility Saving Expert has provided us with an excellent piece describing just why adjustable beds are a solid choice for anyone with mobility issues – whether they need care or not. We hope you’ll find it useful.

For anyone which needs to spend more time in bed due to mobility issues or otherwise, a good adjustable bed can provide so many benefits. Just think that with a single press of a button, you’ll be able to easily raise the head end of the bed to bring you up to a comfortable sitting position without any effort, fuss, discomfort or pain.

Getting to such a position easier will allow you to then be able to enjoy a number of things – such as reading a book or the daily paper or just watching television, without having to try to prop yourself up on pillows. Anyone that has spent a long time in bed will know that it becomes uncomfortable rather quickly – and adjusting the weight of your body with the utilisation of an adjustable bed will allow you to be able to enjoy life so much more.

Riser Recliner Features

There are so many more benefits to getting a good adjustable bed, and you will find most care homes are able to offer you the use of one due to this fact. When you’re using an adjustable bed, it is possible to have a version which has a rise feature fitted whereby the mattress will rise up at the touch of a button. This feature will allow carers to have much easier access to you, without compromising their backs or your dignity. Hoists and slings are one thing, but it is rather difficult to maintain your dignity when you’re being hoisted around like a piece of meat.

Another great reason to get an adjustable bed is that they are quite ideal for circumstances which involve needing to have bed baths- or if you are confined to bed and need turning due to the development of bed sores that want attention.

Don’t Forget to Get a Suitable Mattress

Of course, there are very many different types of mattresses available, designed for adjustable bed frames, and perhaps for someone using one long term the best choice is a memory foam mattress.

Memory foam has a major advantage over other types of mattresses due to the fact that the substance has a long term slow recovery and also moulds to your body and reacts to your temperature changes.

Memory foam mattresses are typically used extensively in hospitals where they need to prevent ‘bed sores’ for people confined to bed for long periods.

Adjustable Beds for Non-Dependent People

Adjustable beds just so happen to be wonderful due to the fact that anyone can use them. In the old days, you knew an adjustable bed when you saw one – as they tend to look rather old-fashioned. Nowadays, nothing could be further from the truth. There are a number of excellent adjustable beds in stock that look like typical beds, and are perfect for people that may not need care, but could still benefit from one.

If you suffer from arthritis, for instance, then an adjustable bed can help so much as it is so easy to raise your feet and take the pressure off your ankles and knees.

Being able to do this is also ideal for anyone with blood pressure or circulation problems- as getting your feet up in a higher position than your heart will help the blood to pump around on a much better basis – making you feel better too.