Three Sources Online that Educate Readers About Weightloss

Weight loss is one of the trending topics of the current generation as millions of people around the world are either overweight or obese. It is estimated that more than one-third of the total population of adults in the US struggle with their weight. While many are taking steps to try and shed those extra pounds through exercise, diet, and other lifestyle changes, a lot of people still are blissfully dining every day at McDonald’s, Burger King, and other such fast food chains.

If you happen to be a person who wants to lose weight and shift towards a healthier lifestyle, then we’ve got three recommendations for online sources that can significantly aid you in the journey.

Three best weight loss blogs on the web

1. Authentically Emmie: Emily Ho’s massively popular plus-size body positivity blog is all about loving yourself, regardless of size. Don’t get us wrong; she doesn’t encourage being obese because she has lost 110 lbs and cured herself of binge eating disorder. In her blog, she writes about the reviews of her favorite and latest health products, provides fitness tips, and shares her regular progress in life.

The biggest draw of her website is that she also frequently posts about her fashion choices, recommends the best plus-size stores and her favorite designers. Emily’s motto is that one has to love themselves before they can expect to commit to a serious lifestyle change.

2. Ben Does Life: Ben Davis decided to start his blog after overcoming depression that almost took his life. At the age of 22, Ben says that his weight had made his life a torture, where all he could ever think of was dying an early death. Being a fighter that Ben is, he decided to change his life starting from 2008 and has participated in countless marathons and Ironman events since.

In his blog, Ben shares about a variety of fitness tips and his struggle in overcoming anxiety and depression that almost took his life.

3. Cranky Fitness

One can handle only so much of positivity; if you’re looking for brutally honest advice and an unapologetically realistic take on weight loss, then Cranky Fitness is your one-stop guide. John Graham is the founder of this blog, which started in 2007 and is still growing today. What separates this blog from others on the web is John’s humorous voice that makes reading his content a joy.

Expect to get a lot of laughs out of your time on Cranky Fitness, apart from getting slim and healthy. You may also check out for equally good advice.

How have we selected these sources?

The Internet is full of health and fitness blogs that are trying to sell a magic cure to problems that require a realistic, step-by-step approach. Among hundreds and thousands of sources, we’ve compiled this list of three blogs that are actively working to inspire, educate, and empower readers to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

You get only high-quality information on these blogs and the people behind them have not only walked the walk but also talked the talk, meaning they have been in your place and are aware of what it takes to go from fat to fit.