What Types of Foods are Good for Your Teeth

Caries is not a condition that occurs by itself. There is always some reason behind it. An important factor is the food we eat every day and let’s not forget about the drinks that we intake on a daily basis. This plays a major role in causing many different teeth problems. How is all of this affecting the health of your teeth? Waldman Detistry Toronto will give you all the necessary answers so that you can take better care of your teeth and gums. The bacteria in the mouth comes from sugar and acid we intake into the body, which immediately causes damage to the teeth. The more often you eat bad sugary foods, the bigger the risk of causing damage to your teeth is.

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The food that takes care of the teeth

For healthy teeth, it is best to eat cheese, chicken meat, nuts and milk. These foods supply the teeth with calcium and phosphorus, which are some of the most necessary elements for demineralization (a natural process by which the teeth complement minerals previously destroyed by acid). Make sure you always have dairy products in you daily diet.

You’ve probably heard that milk is one of the healthiest foods for teeth. When it comes to fruits, make sure you choose apples and pears as well as vegetables. Fruit is abundant in water, which encourages saliva and helps remove particles and acids. Citrus and tomato should be consumed in a combination with other foods in order to minimize the amount of acid on the teeth which may cause a permanent damage to the enamel and you do not want that to happen. So, take a proper care of your teeth by eating healthy food.

Sugar, candies, cakes, chips are some of the worst products that can seriously damage your teeth and gums. Also, be very careful when you eat mangos, because they contain large amounts of sugar. Use them only when you need to, otherwise avoid eating them.

From drinks the safest ones are water, milk and unsweetened tea. Avoid drinking juices, lemonade and coffee with sugar.

Sugar – free products

Products that are listed as unsweetened actually contain natural sugars such as honey, molasses, fructose, or syrup. Natural sugars have the same number of calories as other drinks and are just as bad for your teeth as artificial sugars.

To know for sure whether you are consuming unsweetened drinks, read the contents well, especially the part on the amount of carbohydrates and sugar.

What about chewing gum?

Chewing sugarless gums are even useful for the teeth, because they help remove food that sticks to your teeth, and encourages the formation of saliva. Chewing gum with xylitol (sugar replacer) can literally reduce caries. So, yeah, chew gum!
Small tips for healthy teeth

Regularly wash your teeth at least twice a day, especially after eating;

    Use toothpaste that contains fluoride;

    Floss your teeth at least once a day;
Visit the dentist twice a year even if you don’t have any visible problems.