When Should You See Your Doctor About A Rash?

When Should You See Your Doctor About A Rash

A rash is a very common skin problem among both children and adults. Often, you can treat those itchy red spots by keeping them clean and applying OTC salves. However, sometimes those red spots may come out of nowhere and it’s difficult to pinpoint where they come from. A likely problem is allergic reactions or dermatitis. However, you may need to be concerned if the rash won’t go away and you are feeling unwell at the same time. This could mean that you should contact your Private GP London and seek medical attention. Depending on the location of the rash, an STD Clinic London or a dermatologist may need to identify the type of rash, provide an accurate diagnosis, and treat your condition properly.

You should See Your Private GP London, Dermatologist, or STD Clinic London if you Have any of the Following Symptoms:

Fever- if you have fever or discomfort that accompanies the rash, it is important to get your condition checked out. This could be an indication that you have a more serious allergic reaction or infection.

Lesion- the problem could be more serious if you also have bruise-like lesions. This could be the sign of vasculitis because your blood may not be clotting properly.

Unabated Rash- if your rash won’t go away, it could be a sign of an infection. It could be a typical rash at first, but your skin can’t withstand potential pathogens. When a secondary infection develops, rashes won’t heal. Initial signs of infection are prolonged pain and wetness. The infection is at a later stage when there are yellow discharge and bad odour.

Rapidly Spreading Rash- if the rash spreads rapidly, it’s a sign of a severe reaction. If this happens after taking a medication or eating a food ingredient, it could be an allergen. The dermatologist can help in identifying an allergen accurately and provide correct treatment.

Blisters- blisters may initially start as a simple rash. When blisters appear, it is recommended to see a doctor. It could be caused by poison ivy or something more serious.

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