Why You Need to Give More Attention to Self-Care

Why You Need to Give More Attention to Self-Care

Can you remember when was the last time that you had some “me” time? If you are a mother, you would unlikely remember when it was. Moms are known to ignore their own needs for the sake of their kids. But this selflessness may have detrimental effects. This will lead to mental and emotional exhaustion. The lack of self-care will also result in sickness.

Before you ignore the telltale signs that you need to take care of yourself, you may want to pay close attention to this article. Your well-being has a direct impact on your children’s health and happiness.

You can choose small breaks to collect your thoughts. You may also opt for a day off to unwind. You can also choose to include your kids. Here are a few things to consider:


One of the reasons why mothers ignore their own needs is that they don’t have the time. They do not have the luxury of someone watching over their kids. If that is the case, why not allow your children to join you for yoga?

Practicing yoga at an early age will create the foundation of healthy living. This will also strengthen your bond with your kids. Yoga will improve their self-esteem and academic performance.

Yoga is a great outlet for kids who have high energy. The meditation techniques incorporated in yoga can help kids calm down. It can also relieve your stress as well as depression. As your kids learn how to meditate, their mindfulness will eventually reflect on their schoolwork.

You can choose to enroll in a yoga class. Or you can opt to check videos that include kid-friendly yoga poses. If you have young children, you may want to introduce this as a game.

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Skin Care

Mothers often take skincare for granted. But it is worse if you delay necessary medical care.

Your skin problems may have a genetic origin. It can be triggered by stress. Postponing your trip to the nearest dermatologist will only worsen the problem. This is also true if you forget to apply the prescribed skincare treatment.

Establishing a proper skincare routine will instill in your children’s minds that skincare is essential. They will learn to properly take care of their skin. This will prevent acne breakouts when they are in their teenage years. They will understand that failure to do so will result in serious dermatological issues.

If you leave your dermatological concern unattended, it may spread among your loved ones. This might cause permanent scarring on your kids, which will lead to self-esteem issues.

Mental Health

Your children see you as a superhero. They will continually emulate you, so you need to be a good role model. By showing them that you are taking care of yourself, you are essentially telling them that self-care is important.

Mental health care is especially important during the lockdown. Most people are experiencing cabin fever, which is manifested by insomnia and lethargy.

You and your loved ones can combat cabin fever with yoga and some other healthy practices. You should take mini breaks after strenuous activity. You should not be afraid to ask for health even from your young ones.

Open Communication

Open communication is necessary. You should be honest with your loved ones. Letting your kids know that you do not feel well will establish and maintain an honest dialogue within your family. This is especially important if you or your partner is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Mothers tend to hold back this kind of information from their kids. This habit may come from the urge to protect your kids from pain. But telling them will prepare them for the worse.

If it’s just some minor ailment, it will teach your children self-reliance and maturity. You will be astounded that they will be more willing to take on more chores while you heal. You also have to set up guidelines during your illness to prevent contamination and spread.

When you take care of yourself, you get to take better care of your children. This is true no matter how old your children are.

A new mom needs to be conscious of her state of health so as not to put her baby’s health at risk. On the other end of the spectrum, a mother of teenage kids who takes time to take care of herself has the vigor to handle stress better.

When your kids see you take care of yourself, they will understand that self-care is important. This lesson will remain with them until they are old.