4 Conflict-Resolving Styles Indicating It Is Time for Toronto Marriage Counselling

Marriage is a wonderful and exciting part of your life. It is said that a new life begins after this. Although everything seems good, it comes with many challenges also. When it comes to considering Toronto marriage counselling, experts are of the opinion that there is no right or wrong time no matter whether you opt for early or late counselling. Sometimes counselling helps refine little bugs in relationship or to help you along with your spouse to deal successfully with big problems.

Little problems here and there pile up to become a big one. There is no doubt that you might be resolving issues in your marriage following one or more conflict-resolution styles, but you also need to see whether the style you follow leads you to another problem or not. A marriage counselling Toronto specialist will help you adopt new skill which will not just help you resolve your problem, but also help you lead a healthy and happy life.

  1. Yielding

Perhaps you deal with conflicts by giving in. You must be feeling that it is always better to just yield to whatever your spouse says, but you never thought that avoiding conflict at the moment would lead to marriage problems like depression or resentment in future. The Toronto marriage counselling can teach you ways to tackle problems that accommodate needs and wants of both of you.

  1. Avoiding

There are times in married life when situation seems so unpleasant that you might feel like avoiding it. Most couples put off making difficult decisions and sensitive conversations. This type of conflict resolving style creates freezing wall of stress and tension which ultimately leads to anxiety and emotional distance. If you do not seek professional help soon, this might eat up your relationship. Freezing, in fact, never gets the issue resolved.

  1. Fighting

Besides loud and unpleasant disagreements, fighting has other consequences also. These result in ill will and excessive anger in marriage. Arrange a meeting with Toronto marriage counselling. It might even turn into physical or verbal abuse. In addition, fighting often leads to one partner ending up yielding which leads to depression.

  1. Flight

Some people prefer turning away from unpleasant situations and the time as well as effort gets spent outside marriage often. Avoiding any problem constantly would lead to alienation. Sometimes infidelity and addictions also creep in like alcohol, compulsive spending or workaholic tendencies.

One of the things on which marriage counsellors put lot of pressure is whether your conflict resolving style makes you respect each other’s opinion? Does that help you make mutually satisfying win-win plans together? Well, the Toronto marriage counselling will help you learn about good communication and how to have that between the two of you. This is the power of handling disagreements in two ways.

Sometimes petty issues do not seem piling, but they lead to big problems in life. Relationship counselling will actually give you skills to lead happy and healthy married life. So, you can start on the road of happy married life as early as possible.

Source: https://medium.com/@johnzellerca/4-conflict-resolving-styles-indicating-it-is-time-for-toronto-marriage-counselling-d30c47ebc032

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