How to Use Neuropathic Treatments for Your Children

Naturopathy is a completely natural treatment that is very popular in the Western countries and the United States. This is a holistic method for maintaining good health and prevention, which focuses on many aspects such as nutrition, movement, nature and stress reduction.
The toronto naturopath will give some tips and things you need to know about the treatment if you want your children to use it. It is not good for adults to give too much food to children. For them it is good to cook separately. It is important to breastfeed until the last minute they want to. Avoid hot spices in children.
Do not give meat and animal products every day in the first year of the child.
Do not force children to eat forcibly. If they are not hungry, their digestive fire is weaker and will not bite the food properly. To improve appetite, use bitter substances. Often in children, there is a lack of oxygen or iron in the body.
Teach children to eat healthy and quality food. Explain to them why food is important to their health. Instead of banning, use arguments. Children get used to eating good food and prefer it.
Gradually teach children to eat regularly without forcing them. It is good for the whole family to eat together.

Choose food with the “land” element so that children can grow well and become “terrestrial”. These are foods with a sweet, salty and sour taste. But it is important to have a balance, the food to contain all six flavors, to be a little bitter and make them thirsty.
Teach children to drink plenty of water. Milk is a food, not a drink, so do not give it to children to drink along with the main meals. Milk builds the “earth” element. If there is a slight intolerance to the milk, it may be diluted with water, adding ginger, cardamom or saffron.
It is important for children to empty their guts every day. Teach the children every morning to drink one cup of warm water and then go to the toilet.
Children need a lot of fluid. It is appropriate to give them boiled spring water for 20 minutes. The amount of water for children at one year is 400-600 ml / day, for children at 2-3 years. – 500-750ml / day, for children of 4-5 years. – 550-850ml / day. Fruit juices do not replace the need and quantity of water and it is important to give them diluted. Apple juice is well diluted with water because it is very acidic. Red juices and herbal teas are suitable. Avoid giving kids lots of fresh milk, no lemonade, and carbonated beverages with caffeine that break up dietary habits. Make sure you teach your children how to develop healthy habits so that they can grow up into healthy individuals and become very strong and healthy.


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