7 Things You Should Never Do to Lose Weight


Oftentimes, out of our desperation to flush out some weight from our system, we take extreme measures to get the results that we want, measures that can even do more harm than good and permanently damage our bodies. Though workout and proper diet is sufficient to address weight problems, some people just can’t look away from doing more than the customary way of losing weight without knowing the possible dangers this can cause them. In this article, we are uncovering the 7 things you should never do to lose weight.

  • Extremely Low-Calorie Diets, Starvation, or Fasting

When you want to lose those belly fats as soon as possible, you then think of not eating anything for the next two weeks. Not only is this an insane idea, but also a dangerous one. Not eating anything can cause you to lose not only your body fats, but as well as your muscles. On the other hand, if you eat but have drastically cut off your calorie intake, this may also result to weight loss but has dangerous effects to the body including a higher risk of metabolic syndrome, fat production, and diabetes.

  • Believing right away in supplement labels.

Most weight-loss products are not actually inspected and verified by the Food and Drugs Administration, so their manufacturers do not have to prove that the product is effective and safe to use. Before using any of them to complement your weight-loss efforts, pay a visit first to your physician or nutritionist to discuss the possible benefits and harm that they may cause. Never be easily swayed by the flowery promises of these supplements and do your own research to find out which one is proven to work with minimal or no side effects.

  • Detox or cleanse plans are dangerous.

Note that your body has its own natural way of detoxifying and cleansing itself. And if you take detoxifiers or cleansers, they may just alter your body’s natural means of purifying and may cause serious cases of dehydration and electrolyte imbalance due to them causing you to lose weight from taking water and stool out of your body. Rather than taking them, drink a lot of water instead and eat foods that are abundant in fiber.

  • Purging of any form.

Purging is the act of vomiting or chewing the food then spitting them out or the use of laxatives. These behaviours may result to not only physical dangers, but mental as well. In scientific perspective, there are very strong gastric juices in your stomach that are used to properly digest and break down the food that you eat to be suitable for nutrient absorption. However, in the case of purging, the food that is being digested along with the gastric juices used by the stomach goes up to your esophagus and out of your mouth. This can cause extreme erosion in your esophagus and mouth and can cause certain types of cancer, tooth decay, and may become a very dangerous habit. So instead of purging, hit the gym and eat a well-balanced meal.

  • Over-exercising

If you think that you can get that flat stomach by doing crunches all-night long, you are dead wrong because there is such a thing as over-exercising. Studies have shown that extreme exercising can cause dangerous wear and tear of your bones and joints, injury, electrolyte imbalance, dehydration and can psychologically make you think that exercise is a penance for eating. As advised by experts, you can do 30 minutes of cardio exercises 5 times a week, or 20 minutes of intense cardio exercises 3 times a week and exercises that involve almost all of the muscle groups in the body. Some people would think that more exercises would be better, but the truth is that moderation and consistency is the key to being fit. If you make heavy physical commitments, you may not stick with it, so make a light, personalized workout plan and religiously follow it.

  • Taking Legal and Illegal drugs

You may have overheard in a news report that some bodybuilders are taking medicines to speed up their muscle growth. This is unfortunately true in some cases. Other than the prescribed weight-loss products, others take illegal drugs that may only result to some serious health consequences. Long-term use of speed, cocaine, meds, and any prescribed drug for other health issues used for weight-loss may lead to different physical and psychological disorders like anxiety, addiction, problems in relationships and money, stroke, severe headaches, kidney, lung, and heart problems. With this, the imminent danger in taking any illegal drugs for weight-loss and using legal drugs outside of their supposed purposes outweighs any possible benefits they can bring.

  • Smoking

Wondering why smoking got to our list of don’ts when trying to lose weight? That is because nicotine, the core ingredient in cigarettes, has appetite-suppressive properties that are proven to prevent you from going hungry and a lot of people, young and adults alike, are using smoking to help them in their diet. But we all know that the health danger of smoking is far heavier than what it can contribute to your weight-loss efforts. Cigarettes have more than 7,000 chemicals that are harmful not only to your respiratory system, but to your whole body and may result to a lot of varying diseases. This includes but is not limited to lung cancer, throat and mouth disorders, emphysema, pneumonia, and many more.


While all of us want to have that sexier and slimmer body, and some can’t even wait and work hard for it, it is never a good idea to compromise your over-all well-being to lose some of those fats in your belly. You may achieve your goal by using those methods mentioned above, but you may not live long enough to appreciate them as they will leave permanent scars in your body, inside and out. Above all else, there is always a way to reach your long-term goals of trimming down your body, and that is the all-time proven combination of hardwork and determination through exercise and control and patience through a balanced diet.