What IS An MRI And Why Is It Done With Akumin

Magnetic resonance imaging, more commonly known as MRIs, is a medical imaging technique to determine if something is wrong with your body. It uses powerful radio waves, magnets, and computer functions to get highly accurate and detailed images of the inside of one’s body. Most doctors use this imaging method to diagnose diseases or injuries. This became a revolutionary procedure because of how detailed the images are and because it does not use radiation like CT scans and X-rays.

Physicians at Akumin across the United States are beginning to deal that with most advanced forms of this technology. Take claustrophobic patients for example. Old MRI machines required individuals to stand in a very confined space without moving to get an accurate detailed image. Although it still stands true that all patients must stay still while the MRI is going on, now there is such thing as open MRIs. Open MRIs mostly improve the customer experience and make it more friendly, especially for children.

Why Would You Get and MRI?

Based on pain you may have, a doctor may request and MRI so they can see what is exactly going on in your body. Additionally, MRIs can be done on every part of the body. In the brain, doctors that request patients to get MRIs are looking for potential blood vessel damage, brain injuries, cancer, multiple sclerosis, signs of a stroke, spinal cord injuries and much more whereas in the heart, doctors could be looking for damage caused by a heart attack, heart disease, and cancer. Other parts of the body that open MRIs ease access to include nerve activity and the back, organs around the body such as the liver, breasts, kidneys, ovaries, pancreas, prostate.

The best way to ensure that your MRI goes smooth is to prepare for it. It is best to let your doctor know and the physicians and technicians helping you know if you have had any recent surgeries, you are pregnant or might be, have health problem, allergies, or any metal in your body. For more information about how you can appropriately prepare for your MRI, visit Akumin using the link provided above.