Are you Struggling with Insomnia?

Sleeping is very important to our life. It makes the brain healthy that enables it to function well. Think that when you are sleeping, your brain is preparing for tomorrow’s tasks. It generates new cells that will enable you to remember old memories and learn new things. If you are a student that wants to remember what you’ve study, you should not forget to sleep as lacking of it could make you forget what you’ve read. On the other hand, it also plays a role in our physical health. According to studies, people who have a lack of sleep are more prone to different kinds of diseases in heart, kidney and on other organs. This could lead to heart attack, cardiac arrest and stroke. That is why sleeping should be a priority, here we list down some ways in order to get a good sleep.

Set-up your room

Your room should be set-up well in order to have a good night sleep. It must be a peaceful environment. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people where you could find there place unrelaxing. You will see a lot of things around that are not pleasing to the eyes. Unorganized stuffs, papers and many other things that ruins relaxation. This would definitely make your sleeping time a stressful time. The recommendation is this, avoid putting something in the room that will remind you about the stress that you need to cope for tomorrow. Remember that you will not do any change when you stare at them and plays different scenes in your mind. What you need to do is have a good night sleep, so your brain becomes prepare to face what you need to face the next day. Always remember that the bedroom is intended to becoming a resting place and not a working one.

Take easy on caffeine  

We all know that caffeine has a chemical where it sends signal to the brain that an emergency is happening in the body. Thus, this makes the brain wakes up and make all the organs function even they are tired. So, in order to have a good night sleep, avoid drinking coffee an hour before going in the bedroom. However, caffeine is found not just in coffee, but also in tea, energy drinks and even colas that you could easily find in the market today. You could also try to apply a sleep patches by patchmd for a good sleep.