What you Can’t Eat on a Paleo Diet

Knowing what not to eat on paleo may deem to be quite a hassle, especially for people new to the diet. It can be hard to place yourself In the shoes of people who lived thousands of years ago when their world was completely different from ours. There are some meals that may hit you right away as “no-go” when on a paleo diet. However, some are subtle and are subject to debate in the paleo community. That being said, below is a comprehensive list on the types of food not to consume while on a paleo diet.


As we all know, the early man’s beverage was pure water. Today’s soda’s are packed with high levels of fructose, corn syrup and plenty of artificial ingredients- which posses no nutritional value whatsoever. Though written off as empty carbs, sodas contain caffeine which is not a natural substance to humans and neither is it a chemical that should be consumed in a paleo diet. In fact, sodas are usually linked to high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and even cancer.

Grains and Dairy products.

Our ancestors were more inclined towards eating leafy greens , most of them resembling the green fibrous vegetables we consume today such as kales, lettuce and broccoli. Grains and dairy products were out of the picture as they lived in a pre-agricultural period. Their main source of food was through hunting and gathering rather than farming. Grains are considered glycemic i.e they increase blood sugar quickly. They were sparse during the paleolithic era.

Iodized table salt.

Where as table salt is very common, it lacks the natural element since it’s highly refined. It contains anti-caking agents, preservatives and other chemicals. Opt for a more natural, unrefined salt such as table salt for extra trace minerals as well as intense flavor.


It might be hard to wrap your head around on why you can’t have potatoes since it’s a staple food in most countries, for instance America. But since it comes from the ground, it’s only logical that man might have stumbled upon it in the Neolithic period when they were past hunting and gathering.

Junk and Fast foods.

Paleolithic man was hell bent on survival meaning they didn’t have to consume foods that would make them fat and gross. Junk foods are quick snacks crafted to tantalize your taste buds with plenty of chemicals created in the labs for that purpose. They are heavily salted with industrial grade salts as well as sweetened with sweeteners such as high fructose corn levels. Similar to junk foods, nothing that comes out of a fast food store is considered paleo especially when you consider the ingenuity dedicated to producing such meals.

Processed Meat.

By nature, most meat is considered paleo as long as it’s grass feed lamb, beef or free range poultry. Processed meat is not a true paleo food. Such may include sausages, processed pork and lunch meat. They didn’t exist in the era of our Paleo ancestors. These foods usually contain sodium nitrate and other unnatural preservatives.

This is by no means an exhaustive list on what you can’t eat on a paleo diet, but it will help you to identify the most common worst offenders. Make sure to stay clear off processed foods, grains, legumes and dairy products the next time you visit the food store. Either way- you can take a look at https://www.ourpaleolife.com/keto-meal-plan-grocery-list/ to get a glimpse on how a paleo shopping basket should resemble.