Getting More Out of Cycling

Getting out and cycling is a popular way of getting fit and losing weight. Most of us remember riding our bikes to school but there’s no reason that we should stop riding when we get older! They say that one never forgets how to ride a bike and this is true, but cycling can seem like a pretty daunting exercise when one looks at all of the jersey-clad amateurs riding around in groups on a weekend.

Are You Thinking of Taking up Cycling Again?

If the last time that you rode a bike was when you were in school, you might be thinking that cycling is no longer for you. The truth is that most of us would ride except for the fact that we’re not sure that we can deal with the level of fitness required. But what would you say if you could start riding again without a lot of the physical challenge that faces older riders? If this sounds too good to be true, you might be interested to explore the option of investing in the striker electric mountain bike!

Why an Electric Bike?

Electric bikes feature a small motor that is part of the frame. Unlike motorbikes, electric bikes don’t feature especially powerful motors but they do provide the following benefits:

  • Easier: For a start, a bike with a motor is just easier to ride. When your fitness is flagging, it’s a simple matter of switching on the motor and taking a bit of a break from the ride. In fact, you can turn on the motor and still pedal but the extra boost will help during a long ride.
  • Hills: For most cyclists, riding up hills is a tough deal but riding an electric bike means that you don’t have to avoid that difficult terrain on your Sunday ride. This is especially good if you haven’t cycled in a long time but you’d really love to get out and feel the breeze through your hair again.
  • Physical: Electric bikes are actually heavier than traditional bikes. At first, this might sound off-putting but the truth is that people who ride electric bikes tend to build their core muscles more quickly due to the fact that the bikes are It may seem counterintuitive that an electric bike would provide more physical benefits to the rider more quickly but the heavier frame means that riders balance the vehicle in a different way.

We all know that cycling can have some amazing health benefits, both physical and psychological. Cycling not only improves core strength and fitness but it also relieves stress, anxiety, and depression. Experiencing the great outdoors on a bike leads to a real sense of freedom, liberation, and independence.

If you haven’t cycled in some time, though, you may be worried about how tough it will be to get back into it. This is when investing in an electric bike may be a good move. Not only will it make cycling over that rough terrain easier but it will also improve your core strength, balance, and fitness.