What are the Types of Martial Arts

Almost all types of mississauga martial arts have the same origin. Many of them are even similar in general. Such combat systems can be divided into ancient and new ones. New fighting systems were formed on the basis of the old ones. Improving or combining the principles of two types, you can create something fundamentally unlike other types of combat.


Chinese martial arts come from antiquity. According to legends, as well as a series of historical data, there were even whole periods in the country when around a tenth of the population practiced various types of martial arts.

Today, many types of such practices are turned into regular sports or a defense system. For example, it is worth following the history of Vushu. Today you know how to practice the body in your tonus. And when such a technique was a way of training soldiers. It is believed that the types of martial arts that are surrendering in the original format are dangerous. After all, they are doing combat systems. Most systems originated in the east.

In a civilized country like France, a martial arts skill was born that can successfully resist Chinese and Japanese systems, and even muai thai. It is a boxing “savat”, in which blows are allowed. It was made by sailors and street fighters who knew in detail what was needed for a successful self-defense and attack. Types of martial arts are not limited to Eastern and Western countries. Some systems have been created in countries such as Africa, the Philippines, Brazil.

The popular “capoeira” popularity, which appeared in Brazil, is also widespread. This implies fairly complex but at the same time effective elements of the fight against hits. Capoeira also uses weapons. One of the most interesting types of fighting is the Philippine arnis. This allows you to effectively resist the unarmed and armed enemy. Formally, arnis refers to a knife-fighting system. However, techniques of this art are successfully used in the fight against the hand.

Muai Thai is a rather interesting martial art, which has a history of two thousand years. Thai boxing originating in Thailand has long been a local martial arts system. And it was only in the 20th century that it became popular because of the fact that the fighters of this style can win a little in the competitions. Today this sport is practiced everywhere. And for Thai people, this kind of sport is often the only way to go out into people.

Many types of martial arts are associative beliefs and a certain philosophy. Muai Thai is no exception. However, entering other countries, art lost its mystical component and became a popular hobby. Vushu is often used to support the tone, and Thai boxing women recorded to lose weight. It is interesting that the training of women in the system was completely prohibited in ancient times.

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