What Is A Text Neck?

Text neck is one of the many modern ailments that has started to arise as a result of our extreme dependence on technology. For the uninitiated, text neck is a term that was recently coined and refers to the overuse of the neck as a result of excessive text messaging. Text neck falls under the category of repetitive stress injuries, caused by those who always have their heads hanging down, peering into their mobile device.

Mobile technology continues to spread faster and faster, to the point where even small children are at risk of developing text neck. As mobile technology steadily expands, our reliance on mobile technology will only continue to increase at an exponential rate.


Since millions of people have come to rely on their mobile phones and tablets for their daily communication and entertainment needs, this condition will continue to affect the lives of many. Physiotherapy is often sought out by those who have begun to feel the ill effects of their technology dependent lifestyle, causing them to seek medical attention. Physiotherapy Cambridge is available for those who are in need of treatment.

What Are The Symptoms Of Text Neck?

Text neck is caused when mobile users find themselves caught in awkward positions looking downwards for extended periods of time. The primary symptoms that arise as a result of these actions are excessive tightness across the shoulders and the shoulder blades, neck soreness and even persistent headaches.


The reason for this? Craning your neck constantly to peer down into a mobile phone gives your neck more weight to carry than it is comfortable with. When the head is leaning forward from the neutral position where it is comfortable, the weight of the person’s head increases dramatically.

The head is meant to remain in the proper neutral position, where the shoulders are aligned with the ears. Moving the head from this position by even one inch increases the amount of pressure placed on the neck in a noticeable manner.

What Happens If The Symptoms Go Untreated?

A physiotherapy patient who is experiencing text neck symptoms that they have not previously sought treatment for is only intensifying their current issues. Neck inflammation, nerve inflammation and increased tenseness in the ligaments is common for those who have not sought proper treatment for their text neck ailments.

How Do I Know If I Am In Danger?

When you are feeling pain in your muscles and discomfort of the neck, there are measures that can be taken to keep your symptoms from worsening. Follow these helpful tips:

  1. Take breaks from your mobile device. If you have been texting excessively and are starting to feel the ill effects, take regular 15 minute from mobile device usage. When you are texting, hold your mobile device at a higher position, so that you are placing less strain on your neck.
  1. Work on your posture. Pilates and other exercises that are focused on posture will help to alleviate the pain and keep your neck in working order.
  1. Seek physiotherapy Cambridge help. Physiotherapy is all about isolating the areas of the body that are causing discomfort and getting to the root of the problem. A physiotherapist is also able to recommend additional exercises that provide comfort.

Seeking medical attention is the best course of action when a person is experiencing text neck symptoms. A physiotherapy examination includes a complete investigation into what is causing the problem and by seeking specialized treatment, text neck can soon become a thing of the past.

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