How To Stop Asthma Cough?

How To Stop Asthma Cough?

Asthma cough is a cough caused by asthma. Cough is a symptom where you involuntarily trying to expel something out of your airway or mouth. Cough can be due to so many illnesses such as common cold, upper respiratory tract infection, tuberculosis, pneumonia and many more. Cough in intensity and severity. Some are mild to moderate that you may need ventolin for asthmatic cough. A more severe form may require you to seek help from the emergency department of a hospital.

Cough has a direct impact on your abilities to inhale and exhale air or breathe. You may face difficulties in breathing and you will need extra effort to inhale some air. You will start to become conscious of your breathing and that will worsen your condition. Untreated asthma cough may lead to a more severe form of an asthma attack. The complication of a severe asthma attack is respiratory failure.

Respiratory failure is when your breathing fails to take in enough oxygen to meet your body’s demand and also fails to wash out the carbon dioxide. As a result, your body will be at a state of low oxygen but high carbon dioxide. Respiratory failure is a life-threatening and emergency condition that needs immediate medical attention and intervention. Treating the underlying causes and secure the airway will be the main objective.

Cough is often taken lightly as many self-limiting illnesses cause a person to cough. The main and most common serious illness that causes a person to start coughing is asthma. Asthma is a chronic condition that usually starts early in life and diagnosis is often made around 7-12years of age. Asthma has no absolute cure which means individuals with asthma are always at risk of developing both symptoms and subsequently developing any complications if not treated.

Ventolin is a type of medication that results in dilatation of the airways. This medication contains what known as salbutamol. Ventolin is a specific form of salbutamol that taken via inhalational. Generally, salbutamol can be taken via oral, inhalational, or intravenous. Salbutamol or Ventolin results in the dilatation of the airways.

Ventolin is always the answer to an asthma cough. Ventolin is only used in a cough caused by airway narrowing for example in the case of asthma. Other causes of cough have different treatment plans and management.

Another known condition that may cause a person to cough is anxiety or panic attacks. This condition related to mental health and it has different interventions. The less severe form can be managed by doing relaxation techniques like deep breathing while the more severe form may need medications and cognitive behavioural therapy. Ventolin has no role in curing panic attacks. Ventolin is always prescribed by the respiratory physician while panic attacks are usually managed by the psychiatrist or general physician.

Prevention is better than cure. Avoiding the triggers and allergens will help in preventing an asthma attack and asthma cough. The triggers and allergens are:

  • Cold weather
  • Exercise
  • Dust mite
  • Pet dander
  • Moulds
  • Certain food
  • Pollens
  • Cigarette
  • Fumes from perfumes or cleaning agents
  • Certain medications like antihypertensives

Asthma cough can be treated at home with the given medications. Medications like Ventolin for asthmatic cough help relieve cough and prevent respiratory failure. If you are an asthmatic patient, make sure you always keep your medications at home or within reach. You can’t afford to run out of stock as that may lead to death.