Swivel Recliner Chairs Vs Riser Recliner Chairs

Swivel recliner chairs and riser recliner chairs are often thought of as seating options for the elderly or those with impaired mobility. This is no longer the case, these chairs are often used by healthy individuals purely because they offer lots of benefits to the user. Here we’ll explain the benefits associated with each style of chair.

Swivel Recliner Chairs

  • Lower Back Support

Sitting for more than six hours every day can have major health implications – from back pain to muscle aches, tiredness to extended body weakness, you shouldn’t disregard the benefits of sitting on a comfortable chair to support your back properly. Swivel chairs are designed to keep your back supported in the right way; leading to a comfortable sitting experience.

  • Easy Access

When you work in a busy office or your desk is constantly covered in important documents or files, you’ll quickly get tired of having to get up each time to reach the file at the end of the desk. A swivel chair allows you to swivel around, reach your phone, files or anything else near you without the need to get out of your chair.

  • User Friendly

There are several styles of chairs that are designed to improve health. A swivel chair is extremely user friendly; all that is required is to sit and enjoy working in a comfortable seat. Additionally, this seat helps to reduce back pain, neck pain and the pressure on your hips which can sometimes be a problem. The deep nature on the seat’s surface and armrests make sure that the common pressure put on the hips by other chairs will never be your problem again.

Riser Recliner Chairs

  • Alternative Sitting Positions

If you are a wheelchair user, you will know that sitting in the same position all day can be painful on your body, leaving you with unwanted aches and pains. Riser recliner chairs allow you to lay or sit in a range of different positions, without having to move from your chair.

  • Improved Circulation

People with mobility problems can find it difficult to keep their body moving, which can often lead to several additional health issues such as poor circulation. Riser recliner chairs provide the ability to shift positions at the simple touch of a button, ensuring your joints and body can adjust positions comfortably to improve the overall circulation to your body.

  • Aids Standing And Sitting

Riser recliners are specifically designed to assist you in standing up or sitting down. This can be extremely useful to those with disabilities or mobility issues. Riser recliners are designed for comfort, helping to lift you safely to standing or lowering you to a seated position at the touch of a button.

  • Reduced Risk Of Pressure Sores

Remaining in the same position, seated or lying down for extended periods of time can lead to pressure sores forming, which can be extremely painful and take a long time to heal. A riser recliner chair offers the user the option to alter their position, taking pressure off various parts of the body, reducing the risk of developing sores.