How to Take Care of Your Health to Avoid Hair Fall?

Hairs are one of the important features of our look. They enhance our beauty. A good hairstyle can transform your look completely. No matter how expensive your outfit is, you might end up looking like a homeless person if your hairdo is not accurate as per the outfit. A good hairdresser is as important for you as your medical consultant who provides sound and safe assistance for your health issues. However, as we grow up, various factors like aging or hormonal changes lead to hair loss and if not treated on time, the damages can be irreplaceable. Hair fall is also considered to be one of the effects of unhealthy mental conditions like that of stress, ADHD or anxiety. Any person dealing with stress, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or anxiety should seek timely medical assistance in his/her nearest area, for instance you can look for ADHD doctors near me and get treatment for ADHD if needed. ADHD is a hyperactive disorder found in kids as well as in adults and has a significant impact on one’s mental and physical health as the medications for it affect the physical wellbeing.  However, it is true that hair loss cannot be completely stopped but you can slow down the process and reduce the amount of hair fall by following these simple yet miraculously helpful tips:


Hair Care:

Hair being one of the most important features of your appearance needs some little attention every day. You must follow a basic hair care routine just as you might have a skincare routine. The first thing is that you should never untangle your hair while they are wet because they are more vulnerable and are more prone to be damaged. Use a wooden comb to untangle your hair every day and later you can use your regular brush to reduce the chances of breakage. Wash your hair every three days to remove the accumulated dirt and oil. Avoid combing your hair frequently because the more you comb your hair, the more they are prone to breakage. Avoid making hairstyles such as braids, tight ponytails or any other hairdo that involve pulling back your hair tightly because they can weaken the roots of your hair. Making such basic changes can markedly reduce the hair fall.

Oiling Treatment:

You can file a bundle of articles all over the internet about how to oil your hair or what oil should you use to adequately nourish your hair. Well, different oils may have different results and that too varies from person to person. You should consider experimenting with oils to find the one that best suits you. People usually use coconut, castor and mustard oil to reduce hair loss so you must try using them first. Oil your hair overnight at least twice a week. When you oil your hair, the head massage over your scalp help removing the dead cells and dandruff and increases the blood flow that in turn nourishes your hair adequately.

Home Remedies:

This might sound old school but it is true that some of the home remedies work like magic to prevent hair loss. You can make simple hair masks with the ingredients that are already present in your kitchen. The egg is one of the most favorite parts of home remedies for hair care routine. You can use it with yogurt, green tea, honey, or mix it with your regular oil for effective usage. Make egg a part of your hair care routine for amazing results.



Your diet is as important for your hair health as is the hair care routine. Consider adding leafy green vegetables, whole-grain diets, pumpkin seeds, lentils, nuts, oats, carrots in your diet. Consume more food items that are rich in vitamin C, omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin B, iron, and zinc. Many people use a number of chemicals and salon treatments to reduce hair loss, but if we make some minor lifestyle changes, we can evidently reduce our hair fall.

Supplements and Medicines:

There are many external and internal factors that contribute to excess hair loss. However, if you see an increased hair fall or uneven patterns of it, maybe it is time to consult your doctor. If it is due to any medical condition such as stress or anxiety, pregnancy, malnourishment, etc. then your doctor or physician can suggest some suitable supplements. Medicines can help nourish your scalp adequately and aid in hair growth.

You will find a number of hair loss treatments, be it from salons or hair remedies but the important part is to choose the one that best suits and work for your hair. Your hair health is as important as your mental or physical health and you must never overlook it. Choose some credible sources if you are looking for proper treatment to get better results.