How To Overcome Panic Attacks

The basic characteristic of the so-called panic disorder are recurrent attacks that happen due to an increased anxiety. We all feel anxious at a certain period of our lives, but if we feel that every day, then something must be wrong. Panic     attacks and anxiety can occur in anyone at any time. However, there are certain individuals that take this very hard which affects the quality of their lives. They cannot go to work, or anywhere that involves people.Ellen Starr Psychotherapy is a therapy clinic that provides treatments for depressed and anxious people and all those who experience certain problems or life trauma.


What are the symptoms of panic attacks?

The predominant symptoms are expressed rapid heartbeat, chest pain, feeling of choking, dizziness, feeling of unreality, accompanied by the fear of dying, losing control, falling unconscious or going crazy. Symptoms may manifest as pain or cramp in the stomach area, which quickly spreads to the head and neck. As a frequent accompanying symptoms occur muscle weakness, muscle pain, tingling or pain in the body. Panic attacks bring depression with itself and an increased anxiety. Anxiety is a terrible feeling waiting for something to happen your whole life. But then when you realize that you deserve better things will begin to change. One must be willing to work very hard in order to get rid of those negative thoughts.

What type of people are working?

Panic attacks mainly happens in people who are constantly uncertain about something, often concerned with expressed need to put to please others, persons who are constantly careful not to make mistakes, oversensitive, and those that are overloaded with responsibilities and work. Individuals with personality disorders are more prone to stress, and it is known that most of those who suffer from panic disorder have a huge stress inside of them.

How to stop panic attacks?

One of the common ways to treat panic attacks is a combination of drug treatment and psychotherapy counseling. Mainly using low doses of antidepressant therapy and medications that reduce anxiety. Psychotherapy may be the real thing we are looking for. Certain degree of depression is always present with panic disorders which is why medications are needed in this case.

The other way is trying to eliminate the problem by using psychotherapy only. It is an effective process that requires more time for the person to be cured completely. These therapies help in changing how the person feels about themselves and try to remove those uncomfortable feelings and thoughts, by replacing them with happy thoughts and creating happy situations.

Psychotherapy showed to be very effective in the elimination of the panic attacks and anxiety. These two feelings are often related which is why they are treated at the same time. Relaxation and breathing exercises are commonly used additional techniques in psychotherapy.

To reduce the level of anxiety is very important because if there is no anxiety there will be no panic attacks.