The Best Way to Whiten Teeth

We often see people who look very beautiful and stylish, but when they approach us and start talking, seeing their teeth changes our minds! Yellow and deformed teeth increase the age and make a face look sick. While white, clean, and shiny teeth can dazzle anyone and double the face beauty! In this article, a professional teeth whitening team in North York will introduce you to the ways of teeth whitening.

Why is My Tooth Discolored?

Tooth discoloration can be caused over time by the following factors: smoking, foods such as coffee, tea, fruits containing carotene (such as carrots), iron-rich foods, or by excessive fluoride in water, or by diseases such as jaundice or hepatitis, or using drugs such as tetracycline during dental development (before the age of eight, tetracycline combines with calcium on the tooth surface and causes discoloration). Discoloration can also be due to the crown or tooth root’s filling material or due to trauma to the tooth, which causes bleeding inside the tooth pulp.

Do Teeth Whitening at Home!

The least harmful treatment for discoloration is bleaching because it does not damage the enamel. In home bleaching, the dentist molds the patient’s jaw and creates a night guard. The patient then pours the bleaching agent into the night guard at home and, depending on the substance concentration, puts it in the mouth for one to six hours daily. Bleaching time for each jaw is between one to two weeks. Sometimes, especially in cases of tetracycline discoloration, this time may be extended to six months. Sometimes the patient’s teeth may become sensitive to cold while using bleaching agents. In these cases, it is better to reduce the time of using bleaching and even stop the treatment for a day. Of course, using mouthwashes and anti-allergy toothpaste can help stop this complication.


If You Want to Get the Result Faster 

In patients who do not want to do teeth whitening at home and want to get results faster, office bleaching can be used. In this method, after cleaning the teeth, the gums are covered with special protectors. The dentist shines the laser on the teeth by applying carbon dioxide gel (this gel does not negatively affect the teeth, unlike other whitening substances). The laser oxidizes the gel in a very short time and whitens the teeth. In this method, three types of laser, CO2, argon, and diode, are used, and the diode laser has a faster speed for bleaching.

If One of Your Teeth Is Black 

In cases where the tooth turns black due to trauma, severe caries, or nerve treatment, after performing the correct nerve treatment, first, all the dark and bloody material should be cleaned from inside the tooth crown. Then the whitening material should be placed inside the tooth crown, and it should be dressed. This substance should be inside the tooth crown for about one to two weeks to be able to remove discoloration. Gray discolorations respond better to bleaching than orange discoloration. Sometimes it will take several sessions of treatment. After the tooth crown has been whitened enough, the whitening material comes out of it, and after a week of dressing, it is filled with a composite veneer.