4 Nutritional Tips From Herbalife Nutrition On Creating A Healthy Lifestyle

If you’ve decided to improve your lifestyle, you will want to learn proper techniques, such as how to stretch safely, as well as facts about nutrition. This preparation will help ease your mind and body into a new program and help you avoid injury. By not wearing yourself out or getting hurt, you can stick with the routine long enough for it to become a habit. To give yourself the stamina to keep up with this habit, a balanced diet with optimum nutrition is paramount.

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Herbalife Nutrition has been in the nutrition business for four decades, and their team focuses on making nutritional information accessible and easy to understand. Knowing the basic building blocks of nutrition can help you make the best food choices possible.

Good and Bad Fats

Fat is not a bad substance, but you do want to be selective about the form you consume. Some natural fats (saturated fats) are healthy for the body, blood, and mind. Olive oil is one, and you can use it to make salad dressings or for cooking. Nut oils, like peanut, are another healthy source of this vital fuel. Avoid processed oils and premade foods because these are filled with harmful fats (trans fats).

The fat stored in the body will start to be consumed roughly 30 minutes after you begin your workout. It takes some time for the body to resort to it. Before then, you will be using glucose. Some high-intensity workouts will have you burning fat for hours after the exercises. Beginners should progress towards these or try them at a lighter pace until muscles and lungs adapt.

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High-Quality Protein

Protein is the foundation of the body, and you must replenish it so that you can keep working out day after day. Choose quality protein from lean meats or plants. Herbalife Nutrition’s shake lineup features plant-based protein. They whip into a tasty and purposeful treat after a long workout session.

Some other non-meat ways to consume protein are with tree nuts, like almonds, and milk products. If you cannot digest milk, almond milk is a good replacement. Cottage cheese and yogurt bring to the table calcium and protein but be sure to read the labels on the yogurt. Some brands are high in sugar.


Carbohydrates tend to get a bad rap, and like anything, if you consume more carbs than your body needs, they will be transformed into fat and stored. Healthy carbohydrates in the right amounts will help you power through runs and recoveries. By ingesting a small number of carbs before a workout, you can boost your energy through the process.

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Extra Essentials

You will use up vitamins and minerals when rebuilding cells and muscles. Eating a variety of foods can keep you in check. Dehydration can set in from sweating, so drink plenty of water all day long. An easy way to remember to drink enough is to use a refillable water bottle and keep it on your desk or close by. Signs of dehydration are brain fog, dizziness, or dark urine.

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