Reasons Why It’s Good For A Woman To Have Tough Skin

Criticism is part of life, this cliché might sound very simple and we often get to hear it on a daily basis, but it honestly is the hardest fact to get used to. Either the criticism is about our appearance or our work it is hard to overlook it and we keep thinking about it and gradually it somehow makes us insecure about ourselves. Such small bits and pieces of constant criticism can morph into serious mental disorders like depression, anxiety, ADHD, etc. thus, making visits to a psychiatrist and add treatment essential for your survival. Since you can’t please everyone, becoming tough skin is all you need to work on.


Why give agency to other people to hold you back from being yourself and achieve your desired goals? Here are all the reasons and tips that will make you give up your habit of paying heed to every other thing you hear from toxic people around you:

Endangered Mental Health:

Mental health disorders are one of the leading health concerns in today’s world. Various reasons are contributing to the rapid increase of issues like depression and anxiety that if worsen can be fatal too. Negative criticism and hate disguised in the form of concern from the seemingly friendly people in your life are one of the reasons. You must not forget the fact that people hate you when they think that you are better than you. They envy your success, your outlook, or the love that you get from other people. Therefore, thinking about something that is coming from a person who is not capable of being as good as you are shouldn’t be an option for you. Learn to be ignorant, and that you can do by keeping yourself focused in your career. Else, you can opt for some healthy habits such as gardening, reading, jogging, volunteering for some charity events, so that there will be any room left for the negative thoughts.

Tough Skin

Physical Health Issues:

Deteriorating mental health always takes a toll on your physical health. Chronic stress can cause hormonal imbalance in women that can further lead to serious health issues like abnormal weight gain or loss, hair fall, acne, etc. Physical health issues like these can lead to low self-esteem and you will lose your focus in life. Taking every negative criticism to heart will endanger your physical health too. Why do you want to put yourself and those who love you in agony for the sake of someone who doesn’t have the audacity to appreciate your presence?

You Can’t Please Everyone:

We all know this for a fact that no matter how hard we try, how good or kind we are yet we will find a bunch of people criticizing us for literary everything thing that we do and trying their best to pull us down and demotivate us. Therefore, stop trying to please everyone as not all of them are there to stay in your life forever. Only invest your energy in making your close relationships such as with parents, spouses, kids, and siblings stronger and happier. Haters don’t deserve your attention!

How To Cope With Negativity?

Choosing any mechanism to cope with all the negativity is always helpful. Here are some for you that will be a great help to you:

-Don’t keep the things to yourself! It is important to take all negativity out of you. You can either write about the things that annoy you or can share them with someone trustworthy. Even if you feel like that criticism is causing a distraction, don’t shy away from visiting a psychiatrist.

-Putting things in perspective! Whenever you like that criticism is pulling you don’t, try counting all the good deeds that you have done in a day. Remind yourself how lucky and happy you are to have shelter, food, and family. Think of all the times that made you feel happy and loved.

– Confront! You can’t let people put you down always. Confrontation at times can be the best way to give shut up calls to your haters.

To Sum it Up!

No one deserves to be hated! Your goal should be to let go of the toxic people in your life and learn to become indifferent to those who criticize you for no reason. Make this world a happier and healthier place for yourself and those around you!